Site Visits

Vista Tower Construction in Progress by Serhii Chrucky

The construction of Vista Tower is well underway, but nowhere near its final height of 1,198 feet. When will be completed in 2020, it will become the third-tallest tower in Chicago. A collaboration between Studio Gang, bKL Architecture and Magellan Development, it is primarily comprised of three undulating green glass towers sited in a stair step arrangement, each tower successively taller from east to west. Although it's still early, the elevating wavy design of the towers is evident and striking.

I took some photos of the site last summer when only the foundation was in place. I will continue periodically documenting the building as it progresses. In a few years, I think it will be valuable to have a solid set of architectural photographs tracking the progress of what will undoubtedly be an iconic piece of the Chicago skyline.