Milwaukee Avenue from Spaulding to Pulaski / by Serhii Chrucky

There was one day of nice(ish) weather last week which gave me the opportunity to get started on an idea I've been planning for the last few months. Beginning now as winter winds down and going through to the fall, I'm going to make an attempt to do what I'm calling "City Surveys." I will select a single street, or a bounded area (like a square mile) that I think is interesting, and photograph that area in detail. Although I intend to expand this outside of Chicago as much as possible, it will skew pretty heavily since I do live here, after all. Also, don't expect long, annotated essays in the vein of a certain earlier project of mine. KISS -- Keep It Simple, Serhii. Hopefully it'll yield some good stuff.

For the first installment, I decided to take a look at Milwaukee Avenue, a major commercial arterial, at the crossover between the Logan Square and Avondale neighborhoods. Over the last fifteen or so years, there has been a wave of gentrification emanating from River West, pushing northwest along Milwaukee Avenue, subsuming Noble Square, Wicker Park, Bucktown, and most recently, Logan Square. New development and the commercial turnover that comes with it, seems to fizzle out just after Spaulding Avenue. I began there, attempting to document every building until Pulaski Road. I may have missed a few, and the light was unfavorable on the south/west side of the street, but this should provide a decent overview of what this stretch of road looked like before the inevitable deluge of gastropubs, boutiques, and various other overpriceries.  Viva Polonia!